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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 1: Gods of Night - (SPOILERS)

Ahem. Spoilers for Book 1 only, yes?

I've read through the rest of the thread. Some interesting conversation there; particularly Baerbel and Claudia taking Troi's side, which is fascinating because I didn't know she had a side to be had. I thought the whole thing was quite straightforward, besides the medical gaffes, but obviously some people see issues there I hadn't seen. Particularly curious about this talk about Ree's bedside manner and options and 'coping time'; I guess I never thought of it in that sense since it's not the way I would react: I want my physician to be my physician, not my buddy or my shrink, to move with all possible haste when there's a life-threatening situation at hand, and to tell me when I'm making choices which are, medically speaking, idiotic and suicidal. Elsewhere, I'm surprised to see how others reacted to the ENT-E storyline, citing character moments and development that passed me by entirely, and I am really the only one to think that the Caeliar are bastards?

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