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Re: Embarrassed by Voyager?

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I did like Seven's character on the show as well..but thought that she was way overused in the series. I remember I had a friend of mine who's sister was flipping channels(they are really religious) one day and had happened to come across Seven of Nine on Voyager. I remember her telling me that her sister's first thought was: "oh MY GOODNESS!!!". I think she was embarrassed by Seven's catsuit.

My wife's dad is a strict Southern Baptist minister who is a very hard line fundamentalist. One day he came in while I was watching Voyager while Seven of Nine was on wearing her silver cat suit. I think I started to turn red
when he asked point blank what I was watching. yeah, yeah, I know, nothing to be embarrassed about but come on, you have to admit it was like getting caught watching the Playboy channel.
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