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Re: Embarrassed by Voyager?

If my post offended any here I offer my apologizes as I am a fan of the series I meant no harm with my post. I don't think it was so much an embarrassment for me to watch Voyager as much as it sometimes felt more like a guilty pleasure.
Not meaning for that to sound sexiest or vulgar by any means but being a man, it is hard not to notice an attractive woman wearing a very skin tight cat suit especially when one has a figure like Jeri Ryan does. Again, I do not mean to sound disrespectful to the women here. I loved the character and how she grew in the show and made it more interesting. I believe her role made some of the best episodes of the series. I see now that the problem I had was with me, not the series itself. Any way thank you all for opening my eyes to things I had not thought of before.

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