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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 1: Gods of Night - (SPOILERS)

This is my first post to this board, and I wanted to take the opportunity, since Mr. Mack is so kind as to chat with the fans here on TrekBBS, to share just how much I loved the Destiny trilogy.

After Nemesis, I walked away from Trek fandom for several years. I was so bitterly disappointed with how the movie ended things for the TNG crew that I lost all interest. I started following the TNG relaunch novels with Death in Winter, which rectified the biggest mistake the Powers That Be made in not going anywhere with the Picard and Crusher relationship, and have read all the TNG relaunch novels since. I have enjoyed them all, but Destiny is just a stupendous work, both in terms of writing quality and storyline. Very, very well done.

I never watched Enterprise, but your story thread about Captain Hernandez and the Columbia got me interested in the 22nd century era, so I started watching old reruns on the Sci Fi channel. I also had never read the Titan series, but was inspired to order the other titles in the series after finishing Destiny.

But I came to the trilogy as a TNG fan, and while I was disappointed that the Enterprise has less to do than the Titan, Aventine, and Columbia, I was pleased with the way all of the TNG characters were written. I, for one, did especially appreciate the way you handled Picard. I was glad you didn't let him be the Hero Who Saves The Day in the end - indeed, for a man facing his absolute worst nightmare scenario, it's amazing that he stays as sane as he does. I wish Beverly had had a bit larger of a role, more akin to Deanna, but I really enjoyed the parts she did have, particularly the scenes in Gods of Night and the fun ER triage scene in Mere Mortals. I do understand you had to juggle five or six different major plot threads, so this is really just a minor complaint. But, as a Picard fan, it can be difficult for authors to fully appreciate all of the nuances of his character, and I think you did a very good job. I found his erratic behavior and decision making to be right in line with someone who stands to lose everything he has ever wanted or loved to an enemy who has haunted his nightmares for years, and his catharsis in Lost Souls - first with Riker, and then on the bridge - was the most emotionally satisfying part of the trilogy for me.

After Nemesis, I closed the door on my interest in Star Trek and moved on to other things, and just assumed that chapter in my life was over, except for the occasional rewatching of movies and series DVDs. So thank you, David - and all of the other relaunch writers - for making me excited about Star Trek again. I've since read A Singular Destiny (which was fabulous, as to be expected coming from KRAD) and Over a Torrent Sea, and am eagerly awaiting Losing the Peace. I know this hasn't been a very critically in-depth review, but I just wanted to express my thanks and give you a "kudos" and a "well done!" I sincerely hope to read some more Treklit from you in the future, especially another TNG novel. Thanks for making my favorite all-time series relevant to me again!
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