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Re: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier enhanced effects reel

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I understand what's out there YouTube is only a "previs version", but: overall...not much better than what was there originally.

I don't understand why they didn't change the setup on some of those shots. That shot of the BoP firing on the Enterprise is just a horribly staged shot. Why not change it to have the BoP flying up behind the Enterprise and have the Enterprise jump into warp leaving the BoP behind? I'd still have the close up shot, but it would be much more dynamic to show the Enterprise leaving the photon torpedo AND the BoP in the dust...

And those shuttlecraft shots were always horribly staged as well.

I guess what I am saying is -- why remain slavishly loyal to the way the shots were staged in the film as released?

The problem with Bran Ferren's FX were not just the composites, lighting and miniature work...but he basic staging of the shots!

And why does Nimbus III look like the Mutara moon when Nimbus III has an atmosphere and is clearly Earth-like?
I agree that they could definitely change things up, but I think it looks pretty damned good, and much better than what was in the film. The shuttlecraft entering the Enterprise, Spock in the viewport window, the Enterprise entering the barrier (and encountering turbulence)...Not everything was exactly the same as in the movie.

The guy doing this described some other shots, and they also differ from the angles and stuff originally in the film. For example, at the end when the Bird of Prey fires on the Entrprise, we will actually see BOTH ships in the shot, with the torpedo actually hitting the Enterprise.
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