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Re: Star Trek [TOS] is Cheesy!

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You know who's really cheesy? Shakespeare. I've taught Caesar, R & J, MacBeth and studied countless more and man, was his stuff full of broad drama. And bad production values? There was no set design to speak of and the women were played by boys, for Christ's sake!
And unrealistic dialogue!

I can effortlessly forgive TOS for its sets and effects--and the costumes, particularly the uniforms, or at least the men's are imo actually much better looking than TNG's pyjamas.

At the same time, TOS doesn't take its own drama seriously half the time, and indulges in pure cheese. Why portray realistic or even plausible reactions to things like your chief engineering possessed by Jack the Ripper and forced to kill young women, or the extinction of an entire solar system by your "son, the doctor", when you can undermine an otherwise gripping dramas for nothing more than a cheap laugh?

I could see that putting someone off the show.

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