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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

After seeing the movie a second time last night, I started wondering how TOS could be altered to be more acceptable by the (non-Trekkie) people who are going to see this film.

I know that CBS just finished remastering TOS, but I was thinking that maybe they should reremaster them to capitalize on the new movie. I mean most people think of TOS as having low production quality, but the obvious answer is make it so that you can't see the production quality (which takes it out of the equation). Over expose (or under expose) the film, throw in an intentional unintentional reflection, and maybe a lens flare or two (or four, or eight), and you end up with a much grittier, edgier Trek that today's audiences can relate to.

This is what a reremastered Balance of Terror might look like...

See, the problem with the philosophy of the last remastering was the belief that audiences would want clearer image quality. That is completely wrong. Audiences want to have to fight to make out what is happening on screen.

CBS could make a ton of money with these reremastered episodes.
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