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Re: Embarrassed by Voyager?

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You know, I've never understood the anti-catsuit thing around here with the argument that it was 'too distracting' or 'too sexy'. There has always been at least one sexpot on Trek. In TOS it was Uhura followed by Nurse Chapel. In TNG it was Troi followed by Beverly. In DS9, it was Kira followed by Dax. In Voyager it was Kes then Seven followed by Torres. (Alas, even I realize Janeway is toward the bottom of the lineup. *sigh* ) In Ent, it was T'Pol followed by Hoshi.

There's nothing really off on Seven's attire other than the fact that her chest was more pronounced than Kes's was. (No offense to those of you who loved Kes.)

Were you distracted by Troi's catsuit? How about the miniskirt, almost-a-shirt uniform Uhura wore? Were your attentions taken from the storyline when Kira walked through in her catsuit like uniform? *shakes head* That issue just never made any sense to me.

At the very least, there is a logical reason why Seven's suit looks like it does, which is more than I can say for the rest of the ladies. There's no reason for a uniform to be sexy... thinking Uhura and Kira here.

Sorry, this just perplexes me.
Preach it, girl!!!!

I found many of the women's dress styles in Trek sensual without being sexual. The human body is one of the most artistic forms on Earth. Artists form Michelangelo to Divinci saw it that way. IMPO I think it's sad that in modern times we lost the ability to view each other bodies in that capacity.
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