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Re: Star Trek [TOS] is Cheesy!

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^^ Odd, because I find a lot of the writing in acting in contemporary Trek far more cheesy than most of anything TOS did.
No offense, Warped9, but since I see you doing that all the time I have to ask: Why do you take every opportunity to say something negative about the other Trek series? Even when they're not even the subject of the discussion. I can see how it might be appropriate to bring them up in this discussion, but I've seen you slam the other series in many other threads. It's as if you can only express your love for The Original Series by stating how much you hate everything that came after it? It's as if The Original Series is only so good to you, because all the other Trek series are shit. Seems odd and unnecessary to me, since there are many fans of the other series around here and most of the time it comes across as an attack.

Again, this is not supposed to be offensive. I know your opinion and you're entitled to express it whenever you want. It's just something I always wondered about. This is just an honest inquiry.
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