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Re: Embarrassed by Voyager?

I confess I have struggled with the catsuit issue on all the series not because I don't appreciate that the actors wearing them aren't beautiful shapely people but because it does single them out. While all (7, T'Pol, Kira, Troi) more than proved thier worth to thier respective crews it did seem to be an obstacle for some viewers to take them seriously at first. My husband admitted he had difficulty NOT looking only at 7's breasts the first few epis she was on, but as she integrated into the crew and our idea of what Voy's crew was she became more a person than just BOOBS. (Nothin' wrong with boobs - we ALL got 'em) It is a stange paradox I guess. Pity too, as the characters they portray have all become what I consider to be friends of mine!
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