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Re: Rating all the films....

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Star Trek = F
This film has a lot of energy and brisk pacing. But as I've elaborated elsewhere I see it as all adrenalin and zero smarts and logic flaws out the wazoo. I'm more disappointed and disheartened than angry because of what I feel is a greatly missed opportunity particularly with a reboot. That said I do see why many people like it--it's just that I can't agree.

Sigh...yet another Trek XI hater trying to bring the movie down...
Okay, you quoted me without quoting me.

But this goddamned attitude really fucking pisses me off!

If you like the fucking movie then bully for you. But just because someone disagrees does not mean you should be labeling them in a denigrating way.

What is wrong with you? If you like the film then support your view with why you like it rather than trying to impugn someone else's opinion with am offensive label.
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