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Re: Star Trek: Enterprise seasons Blu-ray spec. features wishlist

Doesn't need to be remastered. It's been ready to go since Day One. You can thank Rick Berman for that, according to the audio commentary from Broken Bow. On the disc, there's a moment when he and Brannon Braga talk for a second about where TV was heading in 2001. Comparing it to the gradual switch from B&W to Color in the early 60's.

It was filmed in 1080p/24 in 2004/5. So those D1 Digital Video masters already exist, they simply downgraded the quality for a second generation D2 master - standard DVD and Digital broadcast. Prior to that, the program was mastered from the film stock to a HD format anyway, in much the same way movies are transferred to a master for Blu Ray manufacture today.

There's nothing stopping CBS releasing this show, except for not having anything good to say about it perhaps... in whatever new bonus features, they would have to create as an incentive to buy again.
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