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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea (SPOILERS)

I just finished reading Over A Torrent Sea after promising myself I'd be sequestered and not allow any interruptions, and now I'm glad I did.

OATS is my favorite Titan series entry, hands down. It was much lighter than many of the current Trek Lit, but it wasn't ridiculously so. It flowed (no pun intended) wonderfully, and was very enjoyable overall.

I will say that the whole Ree subplot was a little much. There were some times when it felt forced, and in my opinion (YMMV, of course) those were the only parts that I did not really enjoy. One thing that was a little perturbing was his whole Prime Directive violation. Considering the fact that Sword of Damocles was one giant PD debate, and OATS also had some serious PD moments, for Ree to break it and then have everyone's reaction be "Oh, well no big whoop, dawg", and then to have the planet's society be arranged in a way so as to ensure that the violation was not a massive crisis, but a "Oh, hey, crazy stuff happened dontchaknow?" was a little much. However, that is merely a personal observation, and did not affect my enjoyment of the novel.

The best part, imo, was the end, with the revelation of the "baby space capsule". I just loved Droplet and the creatures there. I think I went "Awww!" more times during the reading than I ever have, especially with the revelation about Counselor Huilan (who I will always imagine as an even cuter version of Stitch, which is probably the intention).

All in all, a wonderful book, and my favorite Titan novel.
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