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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

(I hate my laptop). Had a somewhat lengthy post inspired by my second viewing of the film (just got back) and I accidentally hit a key that sent me back several "pages" and wiped out my text. I'm not re-writing it again--it's late.

Short version: It's a fun movie--just as much fun the second time around. I picked up more visual nods to the original (hadn't noticed his cross-legged pose in "the chair" at the end before, for example).

A "dumb" movie? Perhaps--not every film can be Kirosawa, Bergman or Fellini. But the fact is, most movies are "dumb". If we were to nitpick every film the way Trek fans nitpick Trek movies and TV programmes (and speaking of nits to pick, why didn't Sulu and Kirk simply faint from lack of air on the platform above Vulcan?--not that I care one whit that they didn't, but it is a gripe I've yet to read or hear anywhere), an incredibly small number would survive unscathed. This movie is no more or less "dumb" than the rest of the Trek films and, really, why would I realistically expect any different?

Is it a flawless movie? Of course not. Nothing about Trek in all its incarnations is "flawless". But, and I know I'm repeating myself, it's fun. Oh, I went through a phase (late teens to late 20s) when I became rather demanding of my "entertainments". With a few exceptions borne of nostalgia (Trek being one of them), I only watched "serious" movies, only read "serious" literature and, essentially, demanded that all my entertainment also be intellectually challenging and rewarding (and being condescending to those who did not share my outlook). But along the way, I eventually discovered I wasn't having nearly as much fun as I should from my entertainment. I started to relax and be less critical of every single thing I came across. And I started having more fun.

I still appreciate "serious" films and literature, but I don't deny myself the pleasures of lighter fare. And Trek has always been "lighter fare". As such, I just sit back and enjoy the ride. (leaves me with enough energy to spend on actual "heavier fare") I know my approach isn't a universal one. But it is a fun one.
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