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Re: Could we Trekkers have saved the Trek XI script? [SPOILERS]

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A lot of the feedback I'm hearing from folks who have apparently seen the film and liked it thoroughly, directed toward long-time Trek fans who have raised some complaints,
and why cant some accept that a lot of us who love this film are old line trek fas ourselves.
As someone who has been a Trek fan since the Original Series first entered syndication in the early '70s, I can say that I'm very pleased that this film is fulfilling its primary mission of introducing a new audience to this long-running work of global folklore.
really that is its primary mission.
yeah expanding trek outward is one thing it did.
but it mightly pleased many like myself who watched trek on nbc.
So let me see if I have this straight (again, folks, SPOILERS): We learn that Uhura has been listening to some transmissions and, golly gee, Sgt. Carter, that Vulcan discussion channel sure sounds like Romulan to her. Never mind that this cadet is listening in on private conversations anyway (I guess Federation intelligence is pretty bad off these days, it's outsourcing its operations to cadets). And like the guy stationed in Hawaii who thought he heard Japanese voice traffic that December day, Uhura rushes to tell...her Orion roommate during a gratuitous clothes-changing scene.

uh did you really watch the film because you confused two different things here.

what uhura picked up while doing normal monitoring duty (and if you have indeed watched tos and the other series you should know the federation indeed has monitoring stations ect)
and picked up a transmission about klingon ships being destroyed.

that she is able to tell the difference between vulcan and romulan dialect is several scenes later in orbit above vulcan.

so is it the fault of the film or maybe just pay attention a little more.

yeah there are few things that could be smooted out within the script but as someone who grew up reading not just science fiction but the classics a plot convience like when kirk met old spock dosnt phase me.
read dickens sometimes .

now if you do it all through a movie then yeah but once or twice.. shrug..
difference between fiction and reality.
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