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Re: The Art of Star Trek: Reanimated - The Sequel

A couple more great renders of this set, Redfern! I continue to be impressed by how good it looks, and it's most likely what will be used for the project.

Let me add, too, especially after how long this project has gone virtually (no pun intended) nowhere, that I've never intended to do this alone, nor to build all the sets; I've just been building the ones that I thought needed to be built, and shared them with the rest of the community, because I've always seen this as a community project. Think of me as "the director/producer"; it's always been my hope to bring together volunteers who have skills far greater than mine, and who all share my enthusiasm for the idea of recreating the visual aspects of "The Time Trap" (and, if that succeeds, maybe more episodes) in 3D, for release back to the fan community. I know almost nothing about animation, so I hope to gather those who do have the skills, the time and the enthusiasm; the same goes for those who wish to model the sets and props that are unique to "The Time Trap" and want to contribute that to a larger project capable of demonstrating the viability of updating the animation of TAS to modern standards. For now, the website is offline (I've updated my sig so the link no longer leads one to a brick - or any wall), but I am working to completely revamp it so it can function as it was intended, as a community clearing house and project management tool, as well as simply a place to discuss Trek and relax, someplace where folks can volunteer and contribute, where elements can be discussed, assigned, explored and tested, ultimately to result in the first episode of "Star Trek: Reanimated." Who knows - maybe someone associated with Filmation will find a way to put us in touch with the original recordings so the best quality of the soundtrack can be achieved - but first, we'll need to produce something that moves . And that's my responsibility - to create a proof of concept so maybe folks will want to join in and show me and everyone else how it should and can be done.
Star Trek: Reanimated - it's more than just a cartoon!

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