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Re: Could we Trekkers have saved the Trek XI script? [SPOILERS]

Keeping in mind that the movie was filmed during the writers' strike, which prevented Orci and Kurtzman from doing revisions during filming, this is what I would do to improve the film.

-Slow down the dramatic cutting during the action sequences and allow the audience to get a better sense of what's going on.
-Retain the scene with Kirk's stepdad that goes before the car chase, since it helps humanize Kirk.
-Don't have Uhura strip when she walks in on Kirk and Gaila making out; considering the fact that she heard him breathing, she should've kept her clothes on to screw with Kirk.
-Don't make Kirk's cheating on the Kobayashi Maru so obvious. Having the Klingons' cloaks (or one of them at least) malfunction a bit and Kirk just spamming all weapons at them (while eating the apple) works far better.
-Let Kirk get a commendation for beating the test, then have Spock (a Lieutenant Commander this time, to make the end work a bit better) go to the head of the Academy with proof that Kirk cheated, only to get lectured about how life and combat don't have rules. This would make Spock antagonistic towards Kirk for breaking the rules and not only getting away with it, but being praised for it.
-Have the head of the Academy declare that Kirk's class has graduated before they leave; Kirk and McCoy are both assigned to the Enterprise instead of McCoy sneaking Kirk aboard.
-Get rid of the ice monsters and have Kirk seek shelter from an ice storm, which happens to be Spock Prime's cave.
-Have Romulus be destroyed by something other than a supernova, but still requires turning something into a black hole to stop.
-When Nero and Pike talk, have Nero mention that he already dealt with the problem that destroys Romulus in the future.
-Have Kirk send off a message to Earth after he takes command of the Enterprise, warning them that Nero is coming and that they should evacuate.
-When the Enterprise shows up at the end to save the Jellyfish, let the Enterprise and Narada duke it out a little more, with the Enterprise taking some hits but staying together
-During the destruction of the Narada at the end, have Nero give the "I've waited for this day my entire life... this day of reckoning" line from the 3rd trailer as a bookend for the character.
-Have a time skip of a few years between the Enterprise returning to Earth after the battle with the Narada and Kirk getting command of the Enterprise, with Spock Prime showing up to see Kirk off before going to the Vulcan colony.
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