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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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Mighty nice ship you have there.
Thank you. I figure this is far more sane than actually trying to build a physical model like this. My wife certainly is happy that I'm not taking up the entire basement trying to build this at about 1:144 or 1:96 ;-)

Some additional progress this evening. Didn't finish Q-Deck, but I made some good progress.

added the railing around the cargo bay, and the turntable on the base of the shuttle bay. Most of the remaining space is "undefined" as yet, though I have some ideas of what is going in each space.

The obverse of the same image (I see I didn't reverse the background color before posting)
I know the tubolift running between the elevators is NOT seen on screen, but without it, there would be no turbolift access to R-deck (I may also go back and add lift-stations on the cargo bay on R-deck as well). I suppose I could run another shaft straight down from the neck, but it would keep the space tight ahead of the intermix chamber all the way down.

And now for the closeup.
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