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Re: Great Cinematography Moments

Lethe wrote: View Post
This is the coolest thread ever! I agree with a comment made earlier, that TOS is full of amazing camerawork. Just the other night I was watching an episode where the camera started overhead above the bridge... but it was centered and static for a little longer than you'd think it should have been. Kind of reminded me of something Stanley Kubrick might have done. I'm going to try and figure out which episode it was.
Yes it is! A statue of me in the center of town, courageously pointing to the heavens, is payment enough.

Kirk1980 wrote: View Post
Yeah, I think it was Bob Justman who told their new cameraman (Jerry Finnerman)...'go nuts'.

And he did, there's tons of innovation, bright colors, dramatic setups. For reference, I remember reading about how they busted ass to make that scene in Naked Time flow smooth. You know, where Spock has his little breakdown. That was done all in one take at the end of the day. (Source: Star Trek Memories by The Shat)
Oh, yes indeed. Some great moments in "Amok Time".


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