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Re: The Art of Star Trek: Reanimated - The Sequel

Since two scenes in "The Time Trap" take place within engineering (the first when the Klingon Kara places the bomb behind a hardware access panel and the second when Spock and Scotty discover the capsule), obviously that section of the ship will have to be depicted. Now, Ptrope will probably want to go with his own model-work, a "wild" set that can have bulkheads and components moved about for maximum cinematography.

However, just to get a rough idea how such a "stage set" might appear, allow me to present two shots using a model constructed by one Alt1701. I replaced the supplied "binocular island" with a slightly more accurate one modeled by Xcalpro, and to fill some of the "wasted" deck-plan, I included his "dynamo" units, those huge hardware "blocks" used more during the first season. The engineering staff are all based upon the Poser 4 male figure. (Cary L. Brown uses a Polo shirted version to represent scale in his latest Enterprise modeling project.)

No, this isn't an official part of Ptrope's project. Consider them nothing more than unsolicited "conceptual" renders.


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