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Re: Embarrassed by Voyager?

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Honey - this catsuit business ain't all that important for me, nor does it evoke any strong feelings. So I really don't care how relevant that observation of mine was, I was just saying what was on my mind.
What they said.

I've just always been baffled by it and have always felt there will be people who dress with sexier outfits than those around them. It happens everyday, and I see no reason why Trek should be any different. Whether it's a cheap shot at T&A doesn't really seem like much of an argument as to why it wouldn't be there. After all, Trek is, above all things, a show designed to bring in ratings, and money. If Jeri in a corset got me seven years of Kate Mulgrew as captain, then why not?

People who think you're a perv for watching a sci-fi show are, as someone else said, reflecting on themselves. It's like not wanting to be seen going into Hooters because everyone knows you're going there for the ... Hooters. I go there for the wings. It's the truth. You can believe what you want. If you choose to believe that I'm a perv, that's your issue. Why are you watching me go into Hooters?
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