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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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This episode is a bizarre mess of an ensemble show. I like it when Voyager makes use of many characters rather than just one or two, but this episode is not the way to do it because there is no core to it, the show morphs from one form to another and the pieces don't fit.

The first 15 minutes of the show is focused on Tom and B'Elanna's relationship, but then they almost fall off the face of the episode as the story shifts to Chakotay and Neelix who have strange medical ailments. Then they completely disappear as the episode decides to follow Ken Shmully and Seven, but then that gets dropped in favour of Janeway and her reckless driving. Then the episode comes full circle with a scene about Tom and B'Elanna, which fails as a bookend because I don't think either one of them was involved in final 20 minutes of the show.

And lets not forget Janeway's solution to the problem; fly the ship between 2 pulsars with a 95% probability of complete destruction. Of course all that happens is that the hull turns a little red and there is no casualties because this is Voyager, a show where you can do the stupidest fucking thing possible and still end up on top.

The scenes about Tom and B'Elanna at the beginning are interesting, the rest of the episode is a disjointed mess. The first below average episode of the season, and I'm using this as an excuse to remove that shame from my signature.
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