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Re: Great Cinematography Moments

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I could have done without the ubiquitous "Morticia Addams" light bars on Kirk's eyes...
Ha! That is great. I actually like that effect. I wonder why.
Actually, this small band of light across the eyes isn't just a Kirk/Shatner technique. We see the technique other times, too. For example, we see the same technique used on Charlie Evans/Robert Walker Jr. in "Charlie X." Actually, it's a tense scene between Kirk and Charlie--a battle of wills--and as the camera cuts back and forth between the two of them, you can see that they both have bands of light across their eyes--so that the audience will focus on the intense eyes of the two actors as they stare each other down.

Beautiful. Both shots look like paintings. Rather than just putting some actors on a set with enough lights and yelling action.
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