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Re: USS Kelvin scene Mistake?

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The bridge is a dome on top of the saucer, in order to get to the shuttle bay the turbo lift would have to go down a bit into the actual saucer, travel horizontally and then up to the cargo bay.
Come on people, are we really saying we don't know this? after how many years of watching trek?
If a turbo lift went "up" from the bridge it would be getting jettisoned into space.
Yeah, I know that... but the scene where he is going down he gets off the turbolift... which means he was going down at some point into the shuttlebay.. but Hyperspace05 made a good point. Im sure he went down from the bridge, then horizontal for a bit, up to the secondary hull and down at the end ending up in the shuttlebay... with just the last part of the journey being shown on-screen.
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