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Re: Embarrassed by Voyager?

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Not to mention that the Starfleet uniforms in DS9's later seasons were almost as tight as Seven's catsuit. Just look at Dax. Seven was a little more "curvlicious" because of the corset Jeri had to wear.
Again...this is not relevant. I didn't like those things as well! Don't use this as some sort of argument...

It would be like me saying I didn't like the plotholes in Voyager and someone answering that other Star Trek series also have plotholes...
And that it's not an uncommon situation in sci-fi in general!

Why? Does that makes plotholes any less bad? No....
Honey - this catsuit business ain't all that important for me, nor does it evoke any strong feelings. So I really don't care how relevant that observation of mine was, I was just saying what was on my mind.
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