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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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I just call it as I see it. Why couldn't GIANT SHIP squash the little, slow shuttlecraft? Why couldn't GIANT SHIP destroy the Kelvin before it hit. And if the answer is that it didn't matter if the Kelvin hit or not, why couldn't the GIANT SHIP squash the little, slow shuttlecraft?
She was breaking apart as she made her way to the Narada.
It's all very clear in the high resolution version shown on a cinema screen. That low res pirated version though...
I know she was *breaking* apart. I'm saying it's inconsistent that the Narada could so utterly pwn the Kelvin at first and not afterwards. And why couldn't the Narada.. you know.. dodge the Kelvin?


That first salvo crippled the Kelvin's warp drive.
Sure. But Robau gave the order to fight before the first salvo hit the Kelvin.
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