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Re: Embarrassed by Voyager?

Were you distracted by Troi's catsuit? How about the miniskirt, almost-a-shirt uniform Uhura wore? Were your attentions taken from the storyline when Kira walked through in her catsuit like uniform?
Yes, I didn't like those things either. Hell I couldn't take Troi seriously until she started wearing a standard uniform... And I would rather have female Starfleet Officers in TOS wearing the trousers version...
Kira wearing a catsuit was lame... While I think that Nana Visitor is an atractive woman, I though her original look was much better. As Nana herself said, "Kira was an ex-terrorist, she didn't care about her looks..." hence Nana requesting a new hair cut after "Emissary". However that was replaced by catsuit, more stylish hair cut and high heels... Lame, very lame.

No one mentioned "my attention taken from the storyline" so why bring that up?
Despite the cat suit, Seven became of my favourite characters... However I didn't like the cat suit. It was a cheap (can it not be cheap? =P) attempt at T&A that I would have prefered to not have happened.

Not to mention that the Starfleet uniforms in DS9's later seasons were almost as tight as Seven's catsuit. Just look at Dax. Seven was a little more "curvlicious" because of the corset Jeri had to wear.
Again...this is not relevant. I didn't like those things as well! Don't use this as some sort of argument...

It would be like me saying I didn't like the plotholes in Voyager and someone answering that other Star Trek series also have plotholes...
And that it's not an uncommon situation in sci-fi in general!

Why? Does that makes plotholes any less bad? No....
E Pluribus Unum!
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