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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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How about just leave it alone as is? TNG was presented in standard definition video. That's how it's SUPPOSED to look. That's how it DOES look. Why not just release full seasons on single Blu-Ray discs and let the Blu-Ray players do the upconverting? I know it's not the same as full HD (believe me, I'm a stickler for this) but that's how the show looks. That's how I remember it looking. Why re-do it? Would you want to re-do the special effects for 2001 simply because you can? What about the old Muppet Show? That was recorded and edited on video tape and it looks exactly like it should -- like it was MADE. Why spend the money?
Well that's fine, the DVDs won't disappear if an HD version could be made, and obviously you won't be required to buy it. However, since it is technically possible to get a lot more out of the show to improve the look on modern high definition televisions, I'd love to see an alternate version.

If it ever is remastered, I doubt I'd be pining for the fuzzy, blurry video look ever again. As long as the original version is always available, I can't understand why anyone would be opposed.
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