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Re: Rating all the films....

Motion Picture: F
Horrible pacing, plodding, drawn-out...everything. It's a lullaby, not a film.

Wrath of Khan: D-
Better than TMP, tho that's not saying much. A lame villain, boring battles, gratuitous violence to the point of just being silly, tho it did have a couple of good moments

Search for Spock: Can't Comment

Voyage Home: B+

The premise is completely ridiculous, but it's a really fun romp, and a good time from start to finish.

Final Frontier: Can't Comment

Undiscovered Country: A

A great movie to send off TOS. Tons of great character moments, an interesting plot, some cool ship-to-ship stuff, and Sulu's USS Excelsior teacup was awesome.

Generations: B
Not bad, not amazing. Flawed, but it has more good than bad I think and it's still fun to watch.

First Contact: A+
Debut of the Ent-E, the new uniforms, and one of the coolest space battles in the franchise. I think the Picard/Revenge thread was handled really well, and the atmosphere was amazing. The Borg Queen is the one "Dammit, it was almost perfect" of the movie. I didn't mind her too much, since I think her role in the movie was played well, but the Borg WERE scarier with no one voice.

Insurrection: C-

The main story just feels lame, dull, and plodding. Character interactions are mainly what save it.

Nemesis: B+
I'll concede that it was pretty flawed (pretty much everything about Shinzon and the Scimitar for example), but I think it's a VERY fun movie to watch and leaps and bounds better than TWOK. More great character moments, a great OST, and just a good one to sit and watch on a bored day, I find.
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