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Embarrassed by Voyager?

Hi All,
I am new to this forum and am a fan of Star Trek TOS and Voyager as well and was glad that I had a chance to finally get to watch Voyager some years after the series ended. When it first aired I was working nights and never had the chance to watch it and it took forever for it to come to cable like TOS,TNG and DSN did.
That being the case, I was pleased when Spike TV started airing Voyager and
I had my first look at the series I had waited to see for such a long time. My only problem with this Trek series though was the way they had Seven of Nine looking like some sort of sex goddess with her tight fitting custom. Now I don't mean to offend anyone here by sounding sexist or like a prude, I'm not. I like looking at woman same as any man does, respectfully of course and not in a vulgar demeaning way. But I have to admit, I felt some what uncomfortable if anyone came in while I was watching Voyager and Seven of nine was on the screen flaunting her stuff. I admire actress Jeri Ryan and think she was terrific in her part but could they not of made her look so, I don't know, over sexed? I mean she did distract from most episodes she was in. Nice looking though, but took away from the story.
Would love to see her reprise her role again if she ever has the chance. Maybe in something a little less sexy though.

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