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Re: Rating all the films....

1. The Undiscovered Country: Really captured the essence of what Trek is about to me, masking the drama and history of a real world issue (the end of the Cold War) in a sci-fi setting. I liked how Kirk and crew had to overcome their own biases, and how we got to see a watershed event unfold on screen. The perfect goodbye to the TOS crew. A+

2. The Wrath of Khan: So far the best Trek villain on the big screen. Spock's death is iconic as was so many other scenes. A+

3. First Contact: Loved the dim lighting, the tension and pacing of this film, it felt almost like a horror movie. Truly the last ensemble TNG film. Had some very powerful performances from Patrick Stewart and Alfre Woodard. The Borg Queen was creepy and sexy all at the same time. A+

4. Star Trek: Breathed new life into the franchise. It was a whole lot better than what I expected, and the alternate universe twist is a nice compromise that can keep old fans while making new ones, and changing whatever has come before that Abrams, etc. feel won't work today. A

5. The Search for Spock: This one grew on me over time. Kruge wasn't as good as Khan but he was pretty badass in his own right. David's death and Kirk's reaction are still heart touching. A-

6. The Voyage Home: Total change from TWOK and TSFS, but the comedic break was much needed and well handled. This film recognized and recognized the humor of TOS. A-

7. Generations: This is the only TNG film that felt like a TNG film to me. It wasn't perfect, it was rushed, but for the most part I enjoyed it. B+

8. The Final Frontier: I thought the idea was intriguing, even if the FX and storyline didn't live up to it. The character moments made this for me. B-

9. Nemesis: I liked Tom Hardy, but I thought the day-glo outfits and the vampiric look for the Remans were over the top. There were a lot of other criticisms I have, but I've made them countless times before. The action and battle scenes were okay, as was the lighting and FX. A missed opportunity for TNG to go out with a bang. Sigh. C

10. Insurrection: A forced comedy, and a too small story. This movie wasn't bad, it just wasn't necessary. C-

11. The Motion Picture: Boring film. I liked the concept, but the execution was just too tedious. I wish more had been done with Decker and Illia. D

I'm a pretty charitable grader.
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