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Re: Rating all the films....

KingstonTrekker wrote: View Post
Sigh...yet another Trek XI hater trying to bring the movie down...
He's not trying to bring it down. It failed to meet his expectations and hopes. Cool down, man.


Probably the closest to hard big-brained science fiction Star Trek has ever gotten. However, it's saddled down by a sterile feeling in the acting, dialogue and elements of the visual design. The pacing is a bit slow, and it come sometimes be a bit of a drag. Still, it's one of only two Star Trek movies that feels like a big motion picture. And the smartest. And the film with the most delicious Probert-y goodness.


You've got a great villian with a big sense of adventure and lots of really really intimate character moments which was a really refreshing thing to see after watching TMP. There's a lot of stuff about life and death, youth and age and winning and losing in this film. If TMP was The Human Adventure... TWOK was The Human Life.


I don't understand the bad rap this film gets. Really, I don't.


Funny and for a time one of my favorites, but it's just not as...


TFF - C--

Good premise, crap comedy and good character moments. Basically, what Warped9 said.


Mainly a product of its times. Still an entertaining movie, but a bit weak as a standalone without the Cold War ending and departure of the TOS crew as context.


Close to total failure. Decent character moments and seeing the Enterprise-D in all her glory barely manages to recover this from absolute fail.

FC - B

Corrects all the failings of Generations. However, it leaves the door open for INS and NEM and here is where the concept of the Borg as villians starts to run a bit thin.

INS - X-

An F is not enough to describe this shit. Burn it.

NEM - F-

Well, at least it's more watchable than Insurrection.

Star Trek (2009) - A-

A very crowd-pleasing action film, which I enjoyed greatly. A very fun blockbuster no doubt, but it feels more like a repaired version of Star Wars than Star Trek. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.
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