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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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There is much work to be done, and some of the problems appear to be daunting. I tried building the hull surface two days ago, and found I could not get the proportions to work out right. I will try again once I have all the decks in the secondary completed, and build the structural ribs and associated framework - from there I can plate the exterior.
That's actually why I've chosen to work how I'm working now... do the exterior first, then "subdivide" the interior into the useable spaces. Most blueprint guys, when doing interiors, miss a few details (proper head clearance, etc, etc) and as often as not, the prints will need tweaking in order to actually fit into the exterior anyway. So you have a choice... tweak the outside, or tweak the inside. You'll probably end up doing a little bit of both (in my case, altering some window locations slightly, mainly, on the exterior) but it's almost a certainty that the "deckplans" won't match the exterior, unless both are done from the same "virtual ship."
I thought about your more conventional approach, but decided I wanted to see about making the interiors to match what was seen, and build out from there. Obviously, neither of us are using purely outside->in or inside->out approaches - we always have an eye towards the other side of the process to prevent our going down a obviously incorrect path.
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