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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

Ok, I think I have finished the lower hangar and service decks, and the lower two levels of the cargo bay - as well as the pressure-doors between the Cargo Bay and the Hangar Bays. What follows are some overall and close-up shots. The shuttles are NOT my creation, I would love to credit the creator but the originator's name became detached from the .DWG file I'm using. Anyway, it should give some size and scale reference. Eventually, I will roll my own shuttles and workbees.
On to the pics!

First, is the wireframe environment I actually work in.

This is decks R through U, encompasing the lower two thirds of the Cargo Bay and the Shuttle Hangar (Below the Shuttle Bay), and the Shuttle Maintenance Bay (below the Shuttle Hangar). You can see the double-deck pressure-doors between the Cargo Bay and the Hangar/Shuttle Bay. One half is closed, the other half open (I did some hefty research on Probert's paintings and intents. I could not entirely duplicate his sketches, as it would have corridors protruding beyond the hull. I believe I captured the spirit of his intent, however.

Here is the rendering of (essentially) the above. I changed some color properties after this rendering, and a few other tweaks, which will appear in the close ups later.
This is the same view as the wireframe, but with basic rendering.

Overhead of the Cargo Bay and Hangar:

In this shot you can see the port-side lifts are in the elevated position, and the starboard side is not. The port-side pressure doors are closed, and the starboard side are open. There is some additional structure work that needs to go in around the corridors leading to the hangar bay, but I am waiting until I build out the hull frame itself to include those.

This is a closeup of the lifts and pressure doors.

And finally, a closeup with shuttles for scale:

Note, the closeups are just of two decks, the remaining decks are on frozen layers - to improve rendering time.

Up next, I will be working on Q-deck, which contains the docking-port (used in TMP), and the shuttlebay itself, and marks the halfway point up through the secondary rough-out. There is much work to be done, and some of the problems appear to be daunting. I tried building the hull surface two days ago, and found I could not get the proportions to work out right. I will try again once I have all the decks in the secondary completed, and build the structural ribs and associated framework - from there I can plate the exterior.
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