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Re: Rating all the films....

TMP: B-, a worthy effort but it has a lead pace
TWOK: B+, good action yarn
The Search for Spock: C+, forgettable sci fi, but well made
The Voyage Home: C+, entertaining but utterly silly and mired in 80s aesthetic
TFF: C, great premise, but the delivery was mostly average
TUC: A, excellent sci fi, excellent themes, very well made
Generationsl: B-, terrible logic, a needless killing off of Picards family, but the mood and tone of the film make up for it, also Malcolm Mac Dowell was good
FC: B+, good film, bit silly with the borg queen, didn't quite shake off the two parter syndrome but entertaining fun nonetheless.
Insurrection: N/A, haven't seen it.
Nemesis: D, well made, the pacing wasn't bad but the plot was seriously stupid.
Star Trek: A, excellent all round action flick, giving trek a much needed jolt of life, totally refreshing, brilliant performances, excellent fx and watchable.
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