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Re: Star Trek [TOS] is Cheesy!

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TV in that period was pretty cheesy. That's not just a Star Trek thing.
TV is always cheesy. CSI labs all look like neon-lit wine bars and solve complicated crimes in hours, LA, DC, Chicago, Seattle, and New York are devoid of minorities unless they're criminals or the occasional token, ER, House, and Grey's Anatomy all but forgot there are tons of Asians in medicine, people either look anorexic or like they work out three hours a day, and any serious problem can be solved in a 22-minute sitcom. Observers -- through whose eyes we now witness most events -- apparently all have ADHD and epilepsy, and thanks to HD, we can see the ton of makeup everyone wears and just how cartoony CGI actually is. Just wait a few years for another generation to point out how silly TV is now.

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