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I'm just saying that if Nero went back through the black hole, and the only thing he did in the past was to beam down to Vulcan, step on a single Vulcanian butterfly, and then immediately return to the black hole and vanish forever, then it would still be a new timeline without that butterfly, just as much as the new timeline without Vulcan.

The magnitude of the change has nothing to do with the actual mechanics of time travel or divergent timelines. The magnitude of the change simply affects our emotional reaction to it.

I think most people's objection to this movie is emotional, based on the magnitude of the change, not that time travel caused ANY change to the past.
Noone is disputing this is a new timeline, the whole point of this thread is to clear up what timeline this movie takes place in. The fact is, Nero didnt just step on a butterfly and go on his merry way, he destroyed a Starship, A Planet and attempted to destroy Earth along with a fleet of starships full of personell who would have had an effect on the timeline regardless is what caused the drastic changes in this film from the visual look to the rank and position of characters. It was an attempt to reconcile all the "nagging" inconsistencies many had with the film, and it pretty much does work out.
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