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"String Theory invalidates Religion and Evolution." - S.R. Meaney Was religion and evolution valid to begin with?

"The Universe is Debris of change in possibility, Time is continuous change in possibility, and the Singularity is the point of change in Possibility." - S.R. Meaney This is possibly wrong but then that would prove it correct, correct?

"A divided by Zero equals NOT A, where NOT A is a number set unrelated to A except at Superposition." -S.R. Meaney A divided by zero can equal A and not A simultaneously if we consider the negatively mapped superposition outside normal positions, but why would that even matter?

"Black Holes expand backward and forward through time from their point of Origin." -S.R. Meaney Black Holes do not expand but are constantly colapising - in time and space.

my four faves.

I really was not even able to find this -S.R. Meaney on the net! So does he/she really exist or what? just a link to a amazon book or maybe a web site would be helpful at this point ., right?

SECRET IDENTITY REVEAL: I'm S.R. Meaney, I just decided to let you have the four quotes instead of waiting a hundred years for some one with half my IQ (my IQ = 214) to stumble across them like they made an incredible discovery - unexpected and such.

Possibility defines your perception of reality. That means that concepts such as time (caused by continuous change in that possibility) are flawed. The singularity past the event horizon you cant cross is a point of possibility change. The Event horizon is a wall than can only be passed if your possibility exceeds the possibility of the event horizon. It is also why Black holes expand backward and forward through time from their point of origin.
If you want scary, Only Life is capable of creating change in possibility and must do so from superposition. That makes what we have a fiddly little fight over immortality - no god, no evolution, no time - unless you are loosing the fight. That is also why the Universe is Debris of change in possibility.
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