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Re: "That's Me!" Avatar Week? (Silly idea inside.)

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Definitely The Hitcher.
The Hitcher it is then!
Woah, that looks like you're the bad guy from a British film.
Yeah all I need is a pit bull, mate!

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Well, that's someone i wouldn't wanna run into in a dark alley ...
Don't worry I hardly ever hang out in alleys these days. Except to sell the letter "O".
I laughed.
I thought maybe people would be trying to figure out what that was.

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Too late to join the fun?
The Hitcher or Mr Nice Guy?
The Hitcher is best for an av, definitely!

But: although fearing to sound like ShamelessMcBundy, you are positively .
Thanks dude! Never got flaming letters before! I was reluctant to post the ava after seeing all the really good looking people on this site.
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