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Re: Great Cinematography Moments

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I'm watching Star Trek Season 1 (Episode: Shore Leave), and there's this particular scene down on the planet where Kirk, McCoy and Yeoman Barrows are discussing plant life when they hear a gun shot out of nowhere. Startled and concerned, they run across a field and through some trees while the music plays the main theme. I love this sequence, as the camera tracks along side and in front, and gives us a sweeping view of them running across an open area in the woods. I just find it to be a great moment. It's the live motion scene of this shot:

And I just think it's bang on about the best camera work I saw that episode. Anyone else see any great cinematography moments for the original series?

That is a great sequence. It's also humorous to me how long these trained, supposedly very fit, Starfleet offers huff out of breath in the following scene.
To be fair.....this was probably like...take twenty or something And the actors were definitely out of breath.
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