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Re: Lost Fifth Season Finale: "The Incident"

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I thought that changing the timeline means that any injuries that people have now will go poof as they are returned to their original state, on Flight 815 or wherever they might be. (Their memories will be gone as well.)
That's why I said that if they DO change the timeline who knows what will happen, but if they don't, and are just transported back to 2007 with no timeline changes, then Juliet's a goner.
Nobody else on the Island has survived a fatal injury.

Boone, Shannon, Libby, Eko, Nikki, Paulo, Arst, Anna Lucia.....

Even members of the Others haven't cheated death.
Mikhail got shot by a fucking harpoon.

That being said, I'd imagine Sayid has problems, since Jacob is dead now and can't heal him.
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