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Re: Dollhouse renewed?

bigdaddy wrote: View Post
No I'll take more Wonderfalls than this horribly acted show.
darthraidr wrote: View Post
it's sad that the biggest surprise Dollhouse can manage comes from Fox renewing it. IMHO.

too bad they can't just renew firefly instead? that show was far better...
I agree that Firefly was more worthy for renewal, and that Wonderfalls was about as worthy, but those ships have sailed. At least Dollhouse (which started showing promise half-way into its run) is renewed. Rejoice at this small bit of sanity, my friends, rather than regretting past stupidity.

Frontier wrote: View Post
If they do this, and cancel T:SCC... I'm going to go ape-shit on them. I think many of us will.
I tried to get into the Conner Chronicles (with Shirley Manson in it, oh how I tried), but it never gelled for me. I can understand your pain, and I expected that both that and Dollhouse would get the axe. But since one has survived, can't we just be happy about that?
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