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Re: Dollhouse renewed?

Kaijufan wrote: View Post
I'm really surprised by this. I thought that both Dollhouse and Terminator would be gone for sure.

Frontier wrote: View Post
If they do this, and cancel T:SCC... I'm going to go ape-shit on them. I think many of us will.

Dollhouse's ratings have been some of the worst I've seen in a decade. Firefly had massive ratings in comparison and they axed it quick as shit. If they don't give T:SCC a 3rd season pick-up and renew Dollhouse? OMG, hell will rain from the skies...
You do realize that Dollhouse is a Fox show while Terminator is a WB show right? If Fox had to choose between the two of them they would obviously go with Dollhouse since the shows get similar ratings but Fox makes money on online viewing/sales and DVD sales of Dollhouse.
That's what makes it even more tragic. And this is my own personal opinion, but the worse show is getting picked up only because of the money.
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