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Re: What is your favorite Star Trek uniform?

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Had they used black pants for the TMP uniforms, they may have actually gotten my vote. I think the colors of the uniforms had to be broken up more. That would have also eliminated all the comparisons to pajamas.


^Top row, second from left - TMP uniform, but with black & red coloring! I really like how it looks!

So yeah, a little *color* does wonders for that uniform!

(Odd about the coloring...'cause I was surprised at how well the animators got many/most of the Trek details - including a future Starfleet com-badge from TNG/Voy...I wonder if the coloring folks in Korea or India or burundi burundi or wherever they outsource it to was responsible for that...?)
At one point the TMP uniforms were going to be two-toned. I have seen some Robert Fletcher drawings that had a white chest panel (like the one on Admiral Kirk's uniform) on the gray uniform background as well as a couple of sketches of a white and tan version. All of these drawings had a round gray or tan collar, closer fitting sleeve cuffs and longer pointed shoulder tabs. I have also seen photos of a prototype of one of the tan uniforms when it was offered on ebay last year.
Right, now that we have them right where they want us.
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