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Re: Dollhouse renewed?

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Ah, well, I like the show. I like the characters very much, particularly Victor.

Yeah, Victor is my favorite of the dolls. I hope they come up with something cool for him to do now that he's been Alpha'd up. But if there are going to be significant budget cuts, I get the feeling that they may just cut him loose. Which is a shame, because Enver Gjokaj has probably been the strongest actor on the show thus far.

I like the others, and I like Echo when she's a part of the ensemble. Having Alpha show up was great and making him Alan Tudyk was a stroke of genius, in my opinion (I am a massive Firefly fan and was royally upset when Wash was killed in Serenity). I'm excited to see next season, and I hope the budget cuts force them to balance out the dolls instead of making it the Echo & Occasional Friends show. I mean, I like Eliza Dushku, but I don't think she's strong enough to carry the show as the star. She needs to be a part of the ensemble to make it work.


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