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Re: Dollhouse renewed?

bigdaddy wrote: View Post
No I'll take more Wonderfalls than this horribly acted show.

Fox has completely lost their minds. House reruns would get twice the viewers for $0.

Yet again Fox acts insanely stupid.
Under 3M viewers for the season finale and a demo that even the CW would turn up its nose at. Unbelievable. This show is not going to "find an audience." The audience has already sampled and rejected it. It's got nowhere to go but down.

Joss Whedon has photos of Rupert Murdoch in bed with a live boy, dead girl and menagerie of farm animals. That is the only explanation.

Michael Chris wrote: View Post
Which is why you should be excited. Because it's not good tv vs. bad tv. It's good tv vs. no tv.
Huh? They're not gonna air a test pattern during that time period (tho given the ratings, it might prove competitive.)

The only downside to this is if Fox had something promising that now would not even get a shitty Friday night timeslot as a tryout. But check out the crap they have to choose from. (Oh no, we won't get the show about the horny girl werewolves!) Human Target is the only halfway interesting one, and that's already a lock.

There's no doubt about it, renewing Dollhouse is an act of existential despair. And I thought NBC was sad.
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