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Re: Star Trek [TOS] is Cheesy!

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Trekker4747, I agree with almost everything you just said. People who don't give TOS a chance because of the production values really don't know what they're missing. This series is far more than the special effects, sets, props and costumes. Personally, I love the production values of Star Trek. The aesthetic of the series is an aspect that makes me love TOS even more. However, deep down inside I know it's really about the stories and the characters. So, claiming to not being able to watch series because it 'looks cheap' is really superficial.

Having said that, there's also nothing wrong with enjoying episodes because of the cheese factor. I know this opinion is somewhat frowned upon around here, but I love episodes like The Way to Eden because inside of me they evoke a certain emotionalism with their cheesiness.
Just about everything seems cheesy when the styles change dramatically in 5-10 years, especially to anyone under 20 when the time hits. Wait a decade for people to shake their heads at all the interest in a show like "Lost."

To me, TOS was creating small versions of Hollywood films, right down to the cinematography, but obviously on a TV scale. The show deliberately looks like space opera -- despite all the discussion over the years to the contrary, it never intended to be hard sci-fi or anything close to it, but something the masses could digest with a few less fins and sparklers than Captain Video or Flash Gordon. But part of the issue was timing. TOS premiered in the latter half of the 60s, when the Golden Age of TV, where it likely would have prospered, was all but winding itself down, being overtaken by camp and what would become the blown-dry siliness of so much of the 70s. Like Lost in Space -- which is wonderfully effective during the first season -- it was far less interested in its original vision by the following year.
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