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Re: Great Cinematography Moments

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I'm watching Star Trek Season 1 (Episode: Shore Leave), and there's this particular scene down on the planet where Kirk, McCoy and Yeoman Barrows are discussing plant life when they hear a gun shot out of nowhere. Startled and concerned, they run across a field and through some trees while the music plays the main theme. I love this sequence, as the camera tracks along side and in front, and gives us a sweeping view of them running across an open area in the woods. I just find it to be a great moment. It's the live motion scene of this shot:

And I just think it's bang on about the best camera work I saw that episode. Anyone else see any great cinematography moments for the original series?

That is a great sequence. It's also humorous to me how long these trained, supposedly very fit, Starfleet offers huff out of breath in the following scene.

A "great" cinematography moment for me comes in, sigh, "Spock's Brain" (I think" where Kirk walks across the viewscreen.

It's great because the image on the view-screen is rear-projected onto it and I believe it's the only time in TOS we see a character walk infront of the screen with an image displayed. (Usually we're shown the viewscreen with the image put in during post) This was likely a very complex shot for them to pull off in the mid-60s and it looks great.
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