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Re: Lost Fifth Season Finale: "The Incident"

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Since the cast is unlikely to be all killed, I'd say that they've time-travelled somewhere. And since the entire drama of Jack's actions revolve around the idea that time travel will neutralize everything they've been through, their bodies won't go along for the ride - they will travel into their bodies whenever they happen to be. The question is whether their memories will also be zapped.

If their bodies time travel then their memories will also travel, and then what was the fuss about Jack wiping out everyone's memories and destroying their history together so that they all become strangers? That could work w/n the established logic - to the extent that any logic has been established - but it wouldn't work dramatically at all.
If the 815 passengers get returned to their plane and wind up @Lax, would life in Dharmaville have gone back to it's original setting (bookclub brunches with Ben & Juliet?) as well?
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