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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

The Raven (***)

Seven's catsuit is worse than I remembered it, it is utterly ridiculous. I have to struggle in order to take her character seriously and I find that upsetting because potentially she could be a great character. It is hard not to judge a book by its cover when the cover is filled with flashy neon lights that keep getting in the way of what you're trying to read.

The story about Seven being reactivated and returning to the ship where she was assimilated as a child was good, but they added a suspense angle with some hostile xenophobic aliens who come off as particularly poor villains. Seven Borgifies the shields on a shuttle in order to get past a fleet of alien ships unharmed, which leads me to question why she doesn't enhance the shields on Voyager in the same way, it would make Voyager nigh-invincible, but I guess that's a plot point which isn't going to get past this episode.

Was anyone else confused by Neelix saying he was going to steam Seven's first meal because frying it may be risky for her first meal, but then he fries it anyway? This guy is beyond stupid, I'm glad Seven attacked him.

Two shuttles! In one episode! And they leave one behind on a planet! *grumbles loudly*

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